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Our practice is somewhat different from a traditional doctor's office. We are a multidisciplinary group of physicians, and together we specialize in research and development of the latest drugs and devices in dermatology and internal medicine. We have a combination of the usual facilities of a small doctor's office and a clinical research establishment. You may have arrived here upon referral from a friend or your insurance company, prior experience with one of us or even having answered an advertisement for research subjects. Whatever brought you to us, be reassured that we will do our very best to ensure your health and welfare.


Thanks for giving us a try. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or recommendations on how we can be better, feel free to let us know.

Purple Podiums


Since 2003, Therapeutics Clinical Research has been a leading dermatology research center in San Diego. Our team of widely recognized industry experts are at the forefront of innovation in our field. Our patients have potential access to the very latest in the treatment pipeline, while helping to solve modern medical puzzles.

"I recently completed a clinical research project at Therapeutics Clinical Research. I was very pleased to be a part of the project. Dr. Bhatia and the entire staff were very professional ... Dr. Bhatia, you are the best!" 

- Richard S.

"This company is legit. I've done several actinic keratosis paid studies with them."

- Valerie I.

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We are a small group of passionate researchers that are committed to the shared goal of moving the science of dermatology forward while providing best-of-class patient care. 

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We are guided by the 7 Principles for Ethical Research put forth by the National Institutes of Health

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Social and Clinical Value - Every research study is designed to answer a specific question. The answer should be important enough to justify asking people to accept some risk or inconvenience for others. 

Scientific Validity - A study should be designed in a way that will get an understandable answer to the important research question. 


Fair Subject Selection - The primary basis for recruiting participants should be the scientific goals of the study — not vulnerability, privilege, or other unrelated factors. Participants who accept the risks of research should be in a position to enjoy its benefits. 


Favorable Risk-Benefit Ratio - Everything should be done to minimize the risks and inconvenience to research participants to maximize the potential benefits, and to determine that the potential benefits are proportionate to, or outweigh, the risks.


Independent Review - To minimize potential conflicts of interest and make sure a study is ethically acceptable before it starts, an independent review panel should review the proposal and ask important questions.


Informed Consent - Potential participants should make their own decision about whether they want to participate or continue participating in research. 


Respect for Potential and Enrolled Subjects - Individuals should be treated with respect from the time they are approached for possible participation — even if they refuse enrollment in a study — throughout their participation and after their participation ends.

I want to leave a legacy behind that my children can be proud of.

The medications on the market are cost prohibitive.

I want to help others affected by my condition.

The treatment options currently available don't work for me.

Why Do You Participate in Clinical Trials?

Our Partners in Science & Innovation

We partner with some of the most trusted names in pharmaceutical science. Our unrelenting commitment to patient care and quality data, has earned us a reputation as one of the top dermatology clinical trial sites in Southern California.

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