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Congratulations to our very own Dr. Neal Bhatia!

Dr. Bhatia has recently been elected the Vice President of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Founded in 1993, the AAD represents over 20,000 dermatologists representing virtually all the dermatologists in the United States.

Dr. Bhatia is grateful for the opportunity to service the larger dermatology community and continue to shape the future of the discipline. 

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Fun in the Sun: Derms and Conditions Podcast 

Dr. Bhatia speaks with James Del Rosso regarding barriers with wearing sunscreen and helpful tips for skin protection. 

DermTech FOX 5 News 

Check out Therapeutics Clinical Research on FOX 5 news, where Dr. Bhatia demonstrates a new DermTech sticker that helps detect skin cancer and further treatment precautions.

Sunscreens Now Approved for the Air

The TSA has officially updated their medically-approved list of items and now allows passengers to bring their full size sunscreen bottles as carry-ons. 

Melanoma Management and Treatment

Unsure of the non-surgical treatments available for melanoma and possible side effects? Check out this informational video recorded by VuMedi to learn more.

Ask the Expert - Genomics and Non-Invasive Testing

Watch our very own Dr. Bhatia and MRF CEO, Kyleigh LiPira,  discuss genomics and non-invasive testing for this episode on Ask the Expert, presented by DermTech. 

Understanding the JAK/STAT Pathway and Burden of Atopic Dermatitis

Want to deepen your understanding of atopic dermatitis and the burden it places on a patient's life? Check out Pfizer's new published site.

Insights on Care for Skin of Color, Part 1

Listen in to Dr. Bhatia's web series, Derm Insider , as he speaks with James Q. Del Rosso, DO and Hilary Baldwin, MD about patients' needs during isolation and beyond. 

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